Ella's Sports Blog : 7 Tips on How to Play Soccer Like a Pro

7 Tips on How to Play Soccer Like a Pro

Learn how to play soccer like a pro from a 14 year old. Ella Witherite explains 7 tips in her Google Video. "

7 Tips on How to Play Soccer Like a Pro
7 Tips on How to Play Soccer Like a Pro

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Soccer is a game played by two teams with around 11 people on a rectangular field. the object of the game is to put the ball into the opposite goal. The goalkeepers are the people in the goal box. They are the only ones who can touch the ball with there hands. The rest of the team has positions on the field. There is normally 2-3 forwards, who score, then you have the left, center and right mid who make sure the ball stays on the other teams half of the field. Behind the mid there are defenders who keep the ball from the goal. If the ball slips by there is the goalie that stops the ball from going in to the goal. To learn more about youth soccer.


I have addressed some of the common concern when learning to play great soccer. I have also provided 7 tips for young soccer players and their parents to help them play soccer like a pro.


Tip # 1. Soccer Rules

Know the rules. Most kids go out on the field and think oh all i have to kick the soccer ball around and kick it in the goal. If you actually think about it there are more rules than just being able to kick a soccer ball.


Tip # 2. Soccer Training & How to build endurance

Training. I have learned that when you play soccer you are constantly running around so being able have endurance and not just sprint to get the ball and be able to pace yourself will help you and your team do a lot better.


Tip # 3. Team - If you need to need to play great soccer you need superior forces at the point of contact.

One you have good training. You will need to find the right team. Some teams are select teams for the player who are really good or there is the begining team. Both teams are different and you want to find the right team that fits your skill level.


Tip # 4. Coach.

Once you have a team that team should have a coach. Most teams want a good coach that won't make them run laps but not just let them sit around and do whatever they want. You should find a good coach that helps you become a better soccer player and doesn't just let you do whatever you want to at a game. Some people get private coaches who are more expensive.


Tip #5.  Soccer Cleats (Nike, Adidas, Puma)

Finding shoes can be one of the most hardest part. Mostly because some people have a different foot shape then what the shoes are for. I have a high arch so I try to get shoes that when I tie my shoes they  don't make my foot fall asleep. My favorite places to get soccer cleats are from Dicks Sporting Good, Sports Authority and Nike.


Tip #6. Timing of the Game

Having time. Soccer is a commitment. Most soccer players have to practice a lot. Luckily for me my practice are during school but sometimes we have games and practice after school so unless i know I won't have a game I don't plan anything.


Tip #7 Family Support

Support from your family. Most parents want their kids to play the sport they played growing up but some kids don't want to do that. The kids want their parents to support them so they feel like there doing a good job playing and there not just out there doing it for themselves but that their parents actually believe in them.


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